Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When I woke this morning, I rolled toward the daylight and wondered, “Why?” Why am I here, far away from home, stressing over tests and presentations? Why did I go back to school?

As I rolled back towards my pillow, I caught a glimpse of her smile. The picture right above my pillow, on the stained wall of my dorm, is my mother. There’s my answer. I pushed up from my bed with the force of my renewed inspiration. Just thinking of her makes it easier.

My mother is, hands down, the strongest lady I have ever met. I have endless memories of her. They have changed in my mind throughout the years. When I was a kid they were just factual, this happened, then this followed. As I grew into my teenage years, the memories became things for me to feel angry about and as I became a woman, the memories I have of my mother have become the evidence of her strength.

I remember the pieces of my childhood in glimpses. I remember her getting ready for work and leaving after dinner to go drive people from hotel to bar and back to hotel. While they got drunk and had a good time, I can only imagine that she wondered if her kids did the dishes, if they made it to bed on time.

I remember my mother baking cakes for birthdays and celebrations and struggling to be able to afford cakes for her own children and never even expecting to celebrate her own birthday.

I remember her watching other people’s kids and giving every last bit of herself to be able to spend time with her own.

I remember my mother through jobs she had, tasks she did. I remember my mother through her hugs and her supportive words. I remember her tears and I remember her laugh.

These are the memories of my childhood. Now I know my mother as a woman. She is a woman just like me. I have my good days and I have my bad. On both types of days, I call my mother to get strength. She has her good days and she has her bad days and on both types of days, I call my mother to offer her strength back to her.

I love you, Mama.

Merry Christmas


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pool Day

Our family spends most of the year in the pool. Today was a great day, with a surprise visit from Josh and his children. Though he was born before me, Joshua is my 'nephew'. He is my oldest brother's oldest child. These are his beautiful children. Devon is super sweet, Cameron is a ham and Jordan is just plain adorable. Then there is the baby girl, Alexis. She is shy, quiet and very affectionate. The other pictures are of my sister Nikki and her baby Libby.

Nikki and Libby

Devon and Jordan

Cameron, Devon and Jordan


Awesome Pose by Cameron

Pool Day

Devon being a little fish!

Cameron can fly.

Jordan taking his turn

Jordan and Devon

Cameron is a little ham!

Pool Day

Devon Henderson

Lexie on the fiesta hop

Libby enjoying some pool time

Josh with his babies

Libby in the pool

Pool Day

Cameron Henderson

Devon, Cameron and Jordan Henderson with their Pop

Devon Henderson with his Pop

Lexie Henderson

Cameron Henderson

Monday, June 29, 2009


My name is Jehnifer Henderson. The photos in this blog are my best attempt at explaining love.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sisters, Parents and Baby Girl.

Me, Dave, Mama, Nikki and Libby by the pool. This is what summers are like for us.

Missing Faces.

I have other siblings that will be added to the blog as soon as I get photos. I am working on that.

This is my favorite picture of my mother and father. He has softened with age and Joy is tough as nails, but still as kind as she ever was.

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Roots.

This is where I come from. These are the images that define me.


This is my father, David. For some reason, I call him Dave. I am not sure when that started, but I know I have called him that for a long time. When I come home for the summer, we always build things together. I like creating things with him and his strength at 70 is amazing to me. He's one strong old man.

Mama Joy.

The feelings I have for my mother can not be put into words. When I think of the words strength and love, I can only understand them, by translating them into the way I feel about my mother. She's all those stereotypically good things a mother should be, but she's also funny and flawed. She's a real person and she's a good person. She carried us through some rough periods in life. And she had a tough time doing it, but she came out a really solid person. I want all that she is. I want to hug her, be her and honor her.

Jason Paul, The Big Brother.

My big brother Jason holding my sister's baby, Libby. Jason is a master of disguise. He puts on a hard and comedic front, but he is soft and kind. I think he is a lot like my father in this way. I imagine that time will soften him more and more, just as it has my father. I remember him holding my hand when I first held his son, when my mother had bypass surgery and when I got my second tattoo. These moments alone with him are the ones I cherish.

Nikki, The Sister and Friend.

Nikki is my big sister. We were separated for almost 10 years, so every chance I get, I tell her that I love her. She is my best friend and closest confidant. She reminds me how important it is to be close to people that know your history, your past, your strengths and weaknesses and love you for all of the things that are you.


Dave is a totally different man with his grandchildren than he was with us. It is beautiful to see this softer side of my father. He is a good man and he is an excellent grandfather. He really seems to love the camera. He doesn't mind posing for pictures. I'm not sure if he has always been this way. Gaven is, obviously, not so fond of the camera.


This is what our love looks like. My partner's name is Jeff, my sister Nikki is married to Mike, my brother Jason is married to Tammie and the last picture is where it all began ... that's Joy and Dave.


I just found this picture of Gaven. Its one of the few I have where I was able to trick him into looking at the camera. He's one of the most precious things about this life.


Libby is Nikki's baby. She has so much character, I can't remember how life must have felt without her.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Best Friends.

Sometimes we choose our family. These are two people that I chose. Monique and Jeff are great people. They are supportive and entertaining. Jeff is my partner and Monique one of my best friends. The baby is Raquel, Jeff and Monique's niece.